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'37 Cellars came about when Chuck and I, two brothers-in-law, decided that we wanted to make our own ultra-premium, hand-crafted wine so that we could enjoy more of it and share it with friends. After a couple of years of doing this, our passion and desire to make more wine and make it available to other people led to the formation of a new Washington State winery called '37 Cellars.

The name '37 Cellars took a long time to come about. We both enjoy playing guitar and both are fortunate in owning old Martin vintage guitars. As the name suggests, we are very fortunate as we both have 1937 Martin guitars.
1937 was one of the four years that the C. F. Martin Guitar Company produced instruments that have been known since as the “Holy Grails” of acoustic flat top guitars, the finest ever made. In naming our winery ’37 Cellars, we pay homage to the Golden Era of guitar making.

It is our intention to handcraft the best possible wine by adhering to the same level of detail and excellence as the master guitar makers of the past.
We hope you will enjoy our wines as much as we do!

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