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Adler Deutsch Vineyard

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+1 707-880-7227
PO BOX 281
Saint Helena
, CA 94574
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ABOUT Adler Deutsch Vineyard:

In 2004 we began our search for a small Napa vineyard that had the potential to yield the highest quality fruit from the best clone and root stock. The terroir had to be just right and so we knew the quest was going to take a while. In 2006, we received a call from our broker who described a parcel of land located in the “Rutherford Dust” that was soon going to be available. We rushed over and when we realized we had found our spot, we signed a purchase contract.
We asked one of Napa’s best vineyard managers, Jim Barbour, to do whatever was necessary to make the vineyard produce the best grapes and he certainly did exactly that. In 2007, Jim called Vineyard 29’s wine consultant, Phillipe Melka, to come over and sample our grapes. He came over, tasted the juice, and immediately asked for them to be part of Vineyard 29’s wine program. Thus began our great relationship with Vineyard 29 and our introduction to Keith Emerson, Director of Winemaking.
Working with a top vineyard, top vineyard manager, and top winemaker, we were able to realize our dream, which has all been expressed in our first estate wine, the 2008 ADV. We hope you enjoy our wine as much as we have producing it.
Robert Adler Alexis Deutsch Adler

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