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Ahnfeldt Wines

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ABOUT Ahnfeldt Wines:

Bruce Ahnfeldt moved to the Napa Valley in the mid 1980’s. While Ahnfeldt Wines did not begin until 2002, the Ahnfeldts developed and planted their first Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard in 1985.

Since developing and planting that first vineyard, they have planted five more vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes in the Napa Valley.

Grapes from the Ahnfeldt vineyards have been sold to BV (Bealieu), Markham, Sterling, Kendal Jackson and Hagafen wineries. These mature vineyards produce such fine quality grapes, that they are now used in their wines.

Bruce’s experience in agriculture goes back to his teenage years. For a number of years, he and his brother leased and farmed ten acres of apricot orchards in Los Altos Hills, California, now known as the world famous Silicon Valley. This early exposure to the joys of farming instilled a passion and love for agriculture which years later manifested itself in developing wonderful vineyards.

The symbol for Ahnfeldt Wines is a stone carving of their first Friesian horse “Dutch” (Registered name Nanne V.D. Wurdgyk) who was imported from Holland summer of 2003. Soon after acquiring him the idea for their logo was born and developed from the picture as seen above. Since then they have gotten two more Friesian horses. Bengt, their daughter Haley’s horse whom she calls “Comet” and most recently, “Taling R.” (pet name Bouvier). “Dutch” will be forever remembered and immortalized on our label.

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