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Ankida Ridge Vineyards

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1304 Franklin Creek Rd
, VA 24521
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ABOUT Ankida Ridge Vineyards:

Virginia’s “Little Burgundy”…
Far away from the cities on a steep eastern slope of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, sets a little vineyard. We planted these tightly spaced vines of the Burgundian grapes, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, at an elevation of 1800 ft, amongst the rocks and steep narrow rows of vines. There is no level ground underfoot. And the rocks! Oh, the rocks. Multiple tons of rocks were removed to make room for the vines. This was no easy cow pasture in which to plant vines, and we asked ourselves more than once, “What were we thinking?!”
Trying to grow grapes on a mountainside is no easy endeavor. But we continued to work the rugged land, tended lovingly to the vines and held on to the belief that this little spot of earth was a good site, a very good site, to create beautiful wines. The views are majestic and the mountain air is clean and fragrant with seasonal perfumes that would be infused into the grapes themselves. The beauty of this place had to be expressed in our grapes. We held on to that dream and patiently and steadfastly worked until the day would come when we could taste the wine made from the grapes raised on this land that we love.
For our consultants, we hired the renowned viticulturist, Lucie Morton to guide us in the vineyard. And for the wine-making end, the award-winning winemaker, Matthieu Finot, has overseen the transformation of our grapes into wine, with Nathan Vrooman, serving as the winemaker under Matthieu’s guidance. With a team like this, how could we go wrong?
And finally, in 2011, our first vintage is here. Our little vineyard, planted in 2008, has given us our first crop. After the harvest, after three seasons in barrel, at last… a small pour in a glass, a sniff of its bouquet. We held the glass up to the sky and looked at each another and smiled.

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