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Flag Hill Winery

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297 North River Road
, NH 03861
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ABOUT Flag Hill Winery:

This scenic spot in Lee, New Hampshire has been a working farm since the 1700s. In 1950 Frank W. Reinhold Sr. purchased the Reinhold Farm. Frank's son, Robert, managed the property as a dairy farm, servicing over a hundred head of cattle and a large herd of sheep. In 1964, the farm closed it doors and all the livestock was sold off.

From that time until 1985, the property remained unused and unproductive. In 1985, Linda and Frank, Jr. returned to the family farm, took up residence, and started planning for their next career as grape growers and wine makers. Their first official act was establishing the name of the farm as Flag Hill Farm.
In 1990, it became Flag Hill Farm & Vineyard with the planting of the first acre of grapes. An aggressive planting schedule has continued since that date. The very first harvest occurred in 1994 with all the fruit being sold to the New Hampshire Winery in Henniker, NH. The 1995 harvest was processed, stored, and vinted by Flag Hill.
In the spring of 1996, Flag Hill Winery was established with a production of 500 cases consisting of four types of wine, and the doors to the winery were opened. In addition to the winery Flag Hill is also a working distillery, with its first product, General John Stark Vodka, hitting the market in December of 2004. With this foray into the arena of spirits, Flag Hill continues its path of growing and embracing new ventures.
Saving the Land: In 2004, 114 acres of Flag Hill property were put into protection through a conservation easement supported by the Land and Community Heritage Program (LCHIP.) This includes 72 acres in or slated for agricultural production, 1,500' of undeveloped frontage on the Lamprey River, and 1,400' of undeveloped frontage on the North River.

The Lamprey River has been designated by Congress as a Wild & Scenic River. The pristine waterway frontage includes excellent habitat for woodland and river based species such as turtles, birds, fish and amphibians. The property serves as an important water-protection area via the Lamprey and tributary North Rivers and the adjacent Town of Durham.
This conservation effort comes at a critical time as development of existing open space encroach the town of Lee and surrounding communities such as Epping, Barrington, Newmarket, Nottingham and Durham. Partners in this effort have been the Lamprey River Advisory Committee and the Southeast Land Trust of NH.

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