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Grande Ridge Winery

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7028 NE HWY 349
Old Town
, FL 32628
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ABOUT Grande Ridge Winery:

Owners Dan and Gale Wood own and operate Grande Ridge Winery. We are a very small family owed winery, that stared a few years back when we purchased a few grapevines for our grandchildren to enjoy and to make jelly. This was fine for a while but just how much jelly can one consume? Still adding vines and enjoying working with the vines, all the while the few vines quickly became a small vineyard. Then we decided that we enjoyed wine, so we thought it wouldn't hurt to try making wine. So this was it! We bought a few buckets, hoses, and bottles and we were on our way. Traveling and visiting other wineries and having long conversations with the experts and practicing and then practicing on any and everyone that Gale could talk in to having just a little taste. Then finally we got it. With the help our family at harvest time we had a great turn out. Even the grandchildren enjoyed them selves. In 2007 we built a better building to process the grapes. We have a lot more room to work, but we are still keeping it small. We now have five varieties of wine and one that is very special that we call "Roscoe"named after Roscoe Douglas, Dan's grand father. He had the vine for years and we moved it to join our vineyard, now being one of our favorite wine making varieties.

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