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Wildside Winery

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5500 Troy Pike
, KY 40383
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ABOUT Wildside Winery:

Owners Neil and Rachel Vasilakes bought a beautiful 30 acre farm near Versailles, Kentucky in Woodford County in 1997 and began planting grapes, berries, apples, and peaches in 1998. They named the farm Wildside Farm because of the wild sunflowers and coneflowers that grew in abundance. In addition, the name fit because the farm was initially certified organic until they learned that a minimum of amount of pesticides was needed to keep the fruits healthy. They still use minimal pesticides. Each year they planted more grapes until today they have 5 acres of grapes, two acres of fruit trees and 1.5 acres of berries.

Neil is the vineyard manager and winemaker. You can find him tasting and swirling (and therefore smiling) a lot.

Rachel is marketing manager, record keeper and chief coordinator of whatever needs to get done.

Alex is assistant winemaker. He's usually up to his elbows in grapes!

Beth and Alex do the lions share of the tasting room sales, labeling and capsuling. They also coordinate with our wholesale accounts to make sure that your favorite wine stores carry our wines and don't run out. Look for one or two of us at the Lexington, Kentucky Farmers Market on Saturday mornings in the spring and summer.

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